Summer Schedule is Here!

This summer we decided to dip our toes in some bigger waters. While we are always grateful for our local weekly markets, for the next few months you’ll be able to find us around at a few big festivals and fairs. If you haven’t heard of any of them, let us tell you, they are worth checking out!

Lightning in a Bottle

May 24 – 27

Silverado, CA


Ok, so we’re officially un-officially featured at this wonderful festival of music, art, yoga, workshops, and more MUSIC! This festival is a veritable Neverland of fun over Memorial Day weekend in Silverado, CA.

What does officially un-official mean? Well, this year LIB is a bit too big for our britches as far as having a booth in the Merchants Village. HOWEVER, you will definitely see us running around adorned in our latest and greatest creations yet! Everything we will be wearing will be for sale, as well as much more. Just keep an eye out for us – keep this green festival as green as possible by dressing up in our reclaimed, conscious line of goodies!

Elysium Festival

**UPDATE: Sadly, forces beyond anyone’s control have resulted in the cancellation of Elysium this year. Everyone is quite distraught over this, but no fear – organizers have lost no steam, and hopefully with the support of the community around them we will see a brand-new Elysium next summer!**

June 21 – 24

Temecula, CA


Lakeside location, beautiful greenery and scenery, amazing music and artists, and of course a WONDERFUL merchandise village graced by your’s truly! What makes this festival special? Well for starters, it shares qualities with it’s bigger brothers such as Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man such as themed installations, FANTASTIC music, mind-blowing art, and world class performers (you MAY even see us sporting our goods up on some stilts…..). What sets Elysium apart from the aforementioned? The location, for one, is neither a hot green field, dusty desert or lakeside location where you can’t swim in the lake. Green woods for camping, giant lake for swimming, butted up against a national forest. Cost, for another – Elysium hasn’t gotten too big for it’s britches, and with a cool $75-100 difference in price for the LEAST expensive summer festival, this is a TREMENDOUS bang for your summer buck! Beyond all else, Elysium is still grass-roots, and the true spirit of festival frolics reigns true here.

Renegade Craft Fair Los Angeles

July 28 + 29

Los Angeles, CA


Ladies and gents, we’re talking the MOTHER of all craft fairs here! Found in 6 international cities, 2 days long and absolutely free to attend, there is truly no better fair to discover up-and-coming independent designers and artists. Every vendor is a hand-crafter, selected by a jury (with a very hard job) to make sure each event is unique, varied, and up to standard. Needless to say, we’re honored to have been chosen! If you’re a fan of the new, awesome and soon-to-be-discovered, this is the event to shop in.

We can’t wait to see all of you!

Love, light and gratitude,

Kate and Damien


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