Give away time is almost upon us!

So here’s the deal followers, friends, fans…… we’re working on building our own internet world prowess (no easy feat for two hippies dreaming of living on a solar run farm, let me tell you – quick thanks to Tyler Moselle for her amazing help in this arena. Let her know if you’re in need of some social media help yourself!) – and I’m happy to say that we’re making some headway!

As we work on making up a calendar for the summer, we’ll be updating most of the time via Facebook. Here’s where the give away/free stuff thing comes into play.

We’re 6 “likes” away from breaking into triple digits – small potatoes in the grand scheme of things, but HUGE for our path to actually using the internet to connect to all of you. 

If you haven’t yet, like us on facebook via the following link, send it to friends, etc – 100 “likes” and we’ll be giving away $150 worth of goods to a few lucky friends and fans!

Yay and thanks for ALL of it!

Love, light and gratitude,

Kate and Damien


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