Festival Season is Upon Us!

Oh happy day! Summer is steadily approaching, and that means ONE thing for us – FESTIVAL SEASON!

With the biggie Coachella done and gone, we’re personally looking forward to some of our artsy favorites such as Lightning in a Bottle, Elysium, Sonic Bloom, and of course, the BEAST of all festivals, Burning Man!

Information to come soon, but you’ll even be able to catch us selling at a few of these wonderful events – stay tuned for all the details!

Whether you plan on attending festivals this season or not, our Spring/Summer goods will surely hit the heart of everyone with a little bohemian, rustic, earthy elf in them. Click on the picture to check some of them out, they’re ready to be shipped!

One more thing – please don’t forget about CUSTOM ORDERS! We absolutely love designing one-of-a-kind pieces specifically for you, and are taking orders now – email us, call us, or come and visit us at one of our market spots.

Reclaimed Elfin Leather Hip Bag


Luscious Double Winged Headdress


Custom Reclaimed Leather Arm Bracers (perfect for you fire spinners!)


Reclaimed Bullet Shell and Tangerine Quartz Necklace



Keep it earth friendly this festival season, and embrace your tribal side!

Love, light and gratitude,

Kate and Damien



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