Help us help YOU!

Our story is quite a sweet one. We started off just me, Kate, working a small sliver of a table at the Ocean Beach Farmers Market, peddling my feather earrings next to a table full of wonderful stones.

A year and a half later I met who would become my partner in more than one way, Damien. After weeks of making googly-eyes at each other from across the market, he came up to get feathers in his dreads. The rest, as they say, is history.

Since that time we’ve slowly begun trying our hands at more than just the always exciting OBFM. From the Encinitas Bizarre to the Adams Ave St. Festival, OB Chilli Cook-offs and Jazz Fests, and even taking our goods overseas to feather and leather the masses, the long and short of it is we’d love to expand. Look at us – we’re even *gulp*….. online! No small feat for a couple of hippies dreaming of living on a self-sustaining solar run community farm without an electronic gadget in sight.

So here’s where I call out to you – our fans, our friends, our family. I humble myself greatly when I say that we truly are learning and teaching ourselves from the ground up how to do this “successful business” thing, and quite honestly we’re only about ankle high.

Let’s start here, taking suggestions and tips galore: Where would YOU like to see Flight of Fancy Designs?

Is there a boutique you would love to be able to shop us in?

Do you have a friend finding success in a similar area that might feel like helping a couple of bashful bohos out?

Is there a show or festival that is SCREAMING reclaimed leather bags and feather danglies?

Would we do well working a few markets here and there in your home town (no matter how far it is, we just spent 2 months in Asia after all!)?

Let us know, not just these things but any way, shape or form YOU’D like to see us improve – bring on the constructive criticism, we love it!

More than anything we’d love to thank you for your continued love and support. We are truly blessed to be doing what we love and having so much fun along the way.

Love, light and gratitude,

Kate and Damien



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